Tick duration: 1000 ms
Multiplier: x1
Fruit value: x1
Snake length bonus: +0
Golden fruit chance: 0%
Golden fruit value: x2
Purple fruit chance: 0%
Purple fruit duration: 10 ticks
Purple fruit multiplier: x5




Hard reset and import will reload the page


Number notation:
Use heuristic for calculations:
Offline progress:


  • 05/06 - 15:00 CET: Buffed heuristic. Added offline time in alert. Fruits/sec indicator added. Lowered price ratio for some upgrades. Added purple fruits and relative upgrades. Code transpiled so it can run in old browsers(still testing)
  • 04/06 - 12:00 CET: Now snakes go for golden fruit if at same distance as other fruit. Added heuristic to calculate gain when game if out of focus for more than 1000 ticks (toggleable in options). Added offline progress using same heuristic (toggleable in options). Added max level for upgrades.
  • 29/05 - 17:00 CET: Added new fruit. Changed UI for multipliers. Lowered starting price for snake length bonus.
  • 29/05 - 12:30 CET: Changed relation between max number of fruits and dimension, now should be easier to prestige. Added manual control for snakes, it activate when click on a field and deactivate when click away or after 15 seconds. While active you can control the snake with W/A/S/D or arrow keys. Fixed some bugs.
  • 26/05 - 16:00 CET: Changelog added
  • 26/05 - 15:00 CET: Import/export feature added
  • 26/05 - 14:00 CET: Fields don't reset on upgrade anymore
  • 26/05 - 13:30 CET: Buttons enable/disable based on affordability
  • 26/05 - 09:30 CET: Snake eyes fixed, now look in last direction snake moved in
  • 26/05 - 09:20 CET: Confirm for hard reset, number formatting script moved to local, fruit counter added in page title
  • 25/05 - 23:30 CET: Fruit counter moved to top bar (stick to top when scrolling), game cycle changed from setInterval to requestAnimationFrame, cleaned up code
  • 25/05 - 17:30 CET: Added upgrades
  • 25/05 - 13:00 CET: Snake AI reworked. Now snakes go for the closest fruit reachable. If there isn't a path for any fruit then they dies.
  • 24/05 - 15:30 CET: Snake AI avoid walls.
  • 24/05 - 10:30 CET: Number format preference added.
  • 24/05 - 09:45 CET: First public release.